Noise and Vibration Surveys

LCP are able to provide manned or unmanned noise and vibration surveys. Typically required for planning purposes, we can provide fa├žade noise surveys, background noise surveys, vibration surveys, noise at work monitoring or where required any other specialist noise and vibration monitoring.

All noise surveys are carried out to meet the latest standards and confirm the requirements set out by the local governing department, be it Environmental Health, Planning or Building Control.

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LCP can carry out acoustic commissioning testing to prove compliance to a specification, such as BREEAM, at the end of the development.

Diagnostic testing of Sound insulation, Noise and Vibration.

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Mechanical Services Noise

We specialise in the acoustic design of mechanical services, whether determining noise impact of externally located plant for planning purposes, or the internal noise from ventilation to ensure a comfortable living or working environment.

For developments with a large amount of external plant we can also carry out 3D modelling in CadnaA.

In conjunction with the other divisions within Caice, LCP can provide part of an all encompassing design and manufacture solution where noise mitigation solutions are required.

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Architectural Acoustics

We have a wealth of experience and expertise in architectural acoustic design. We are able to specify and provide design advice on partition constructions and detailing, specify glazing performances and provide advice on room acoustics. 

Where needed, we have the capability to carry out detailed room acoustics analysis using 3D modelling software CATT Acoustic. 

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